Going Beyond Yes When I say “Yes”!

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”…
- Steve Jobs

Going Beyond Yes When I say “Yes”!

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Creativity is a dangerously misunderstood term. Creativity beckons in unconventional forms; in thoughts, ideas, technology, reading, writing, behavior and the passion to discover more; driving me to simply go beyond Yes when I say “Yes”!

Coding is a joy forever and makes me breathe technology since early on in my professional journey. Being an Educator for more than fifteen years teaches me more than what I every have shared. They say, “To Teach is to Learn Twice”. Undoubtedly so. There can be no tool more powerful than thoughts, because ideas are driving forces behind discoveries, inventions and characters of people.

And then this crazy passion for writing suddenly put into a perspective. Years of penning down thoughts, reading and writing only for the love of it all. The thoughts that have kept flowing turned into a full blown profession of technical writing step by step.More than a decade of professional writing in fields that I am passionate about. Content Writing for Websites, Blogs, Articles, Social Media, Guest Columns, Micro Blogging, Study materials, News, Press Releases, Brochures, Downloadables. It keeps adding every day.

Today technology beckons on full throttle once more! Building a team with a mission to make the machines learn, keeping up with the changing expectations of the tech world with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seeps in. I believe in fostering creativity and igniting thoughts in the minds of every individual in the teams I collaborate with!

Add to it the wanderlust taking me to unexplored places ever so often. As they say, the best stories lie hidden in the pages of my passport, sometimes told, sometimes untold; but the journeys teach like none other.

That’s me for you and each of my passions complementing and connecting to each other and how!

Disrupting Myself Bit by Bit

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”…………
–Howard Roark – Ayn Rand

Disrupting Myself Bit by Bit

    This was a logical conjunction to my experience as a Software Engineer in leading companies in India & the UK in the late nineties. Various micro software development assignments executed for clients in the UK, Europe and India with current technologies of those days and mentoring my team through the entire system development life cycles right from Analysis & Design to Implementation & Maintenance along with establishing cohesive partnerships and business alliances taught me more than I could have ever imagined.

      A collaboration nurtured by consolidated understanding of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning- the core technologies, followed by strategic planning for establishing a well thought of base for a leading AI Services company becomes the most exciting role in my career of more than two decades. Identifying, mentoring and engaging a team matching the vision of the company with an enviable growth story in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific is a story in the making.

        A passion put to meaningful use, an example of honing my own natural ability brings me to create& nurtureWacky Writers. Adding value to organizations by providing technical writing solutions for business development& brand building is the forte of Wacky Writers. With clients in USA, Europe and India, there is no looking back.

          abcis conceptualized with the core thought that a generation stood at the brink of a new age. Familiar certainties and traditional approaches gave way to technology driven methodologies in everyday lives and with them the skills needed for the world of tomorrow were changing rapidly. Grooming the young patrons with the new ways of the world with computers at the core was anenriching task.

          My Passions at your service!

          “ I am not in competition with anyone but myself, The goal is to improve myself continuously”….
          – Bill Gates

          My Passions at your service!

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          When thoughts bleed, it is sheer passion...

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          Collaborate, Co-Work, Connect….

          Practical, Savvy and Functional, Ready To Use Infrastructure.

          Collaborate, Co-Work, Connect….

          Office spaces come of age today. The virtual working takes over the world. Do we really need to invest and maintain? Or simply turn to a ready made, ready to use infrastructure converging diverse abilities under one roof?

          A synergy of sorts for creative individuals awaits at Co-working Spaces co-ordinated by me. A conducive atmosphere for the millennial professional with work stations, discussion rooms and spaces for fruitful collaborations.

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